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First Steps Wellness Centre is a non-profit organization with charitable status. We provide leading edge intense exercise-based activity therapy to people with spinal cord injuries, Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida and Multiple Sclerosis. We have also applied our methods to other neuromuscular disorders such as stroke and traumatic brain injuries.

FSWC programs are custom-designed for our clients using the latest research and equipment for activity based therapy methods. Our goal is to help improve the motor function of people who have suffered neuro-muscular trauma or who have neuromuscular conditions, this will improve independence and ultimately improve overall quality of life.


ABT Below the Level of Injury

FSWC’s activity based therapy (ABT) is designed to help you achieve the goals you identify to help you with your daily life. We set up programs that focus on the entire body including below the level of injury. Research has shown that the central nervous system is plastic in nature; this means that it is capable of changing and healing. However, if you fail to stimulate the nervous system, the body does not respond and the nerves remain dormant and muscle tissue atrophies.

As the mechanics of neuro-plasticity continue to be studied, FSWC turns these concepts into practical gains for our clients by customizing their programs to ensure that they stimulate the body to regrow nerves and to promote neuro-plasticity.

The net result of our intensive exercise programs is that people with spinal cord injuries can see functional gains in their conditions. In 12% of our cases at FSWC, clients have been able to walk again after a spinal cord injury, compared to less than 0.5% chance post rehabilitation for those who don’t attend. In addition, 94% of our clients to date have been able to make functional gains resulting in increased independence and quality of life.

Activity based therapy for spinal cord injuries has been and is being applied around the world. In Canada, there are a handful of centers that are beginning to apply these techniques with First Steps Wellness Centre leading the way.