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First Steps Wellness Centre has helped 12% of our clients to walk again
after a spinal cord injury, and we take pride in a 94% increase in mobility and independence through functional gains.

Measures of Success

During a comprehensive consultation report conducted by a group of graduate students from Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy, it was noted that after investigating the results from First Steps Wellness Centre over a six-year period, that 12% of their clients regained an ability to walk. 

This number represents a significant increase over the 0.5% of SCI people that are post inpatient rehab that do not attend any further therapy. 

Further to this, they found that the numbers also showed that 94% of SCI clients who attended FSWC made a functional improvement below their level of injury.  This is an exceptional number. 

Facilities that use similar modalities and methods (Activity Based Therapy) to FSWC often report results in the 70's and 80's (with one as high as 87%) of clients improve some level of functional below their level of injury. 

The fact that FSWC has such great success shows that the combination of modalities that are incorporated into the First Steps Wellness Centre program are working, and that FSWC follows best practices (confirmed by an Environmental Scan of research conducted by this group of graduate students).